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Commercial Real Estate Development

Genesis - South San Francisco
One Tower Place Ste 225
South San Francisco CA 94080
(650)600-3878   Fax: (415)273-8631
Rochelle Lopez
Other Contacts: Accounts Payable, Patricia Proano, General Manager

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Kilroy Realty Corporation
100 First Street, Suite 250
San Francisco CA 94105
Natalia Morales, Asset Manager
Other Contacts: Heidi Ng, Project Coordinator, Asset Mgmt

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Map  Member Since 2019 


Lane Partners
644 Menlo Ave, 2nd Floor
Menlo Park CA 94025
Marcus Gilmour, Principal

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Sares Regis
901 Mariners Island Boulevard Suite 700
San Mateo CA 94404
Ken Busch
Other Contacts: Andrew Turco, Josue Vallejo-Cordero, Property Manager

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