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Cabrera, Robert Solar Earth USA, LLC (866)704-6570 
Caldwell, Ky Ultragenyx (415)475-6897 
Callahan, William Callahan Financial Planning Company (415)795-8600 
Camacho, Rosa Cotter Church Supplies, Inc. (650)583-5153 
Camou, Francois Basque Cultural Center (650)583-8091(650)583-1767 
Campbell, Kristin San Francisco Wine School (650)763-1324 
Campos, Eloy Taqueria La Morena (650)553-9707 
Canepa, Dave San Mateo County Supervisor Dave Canepa, District 5 (650)363-4565 
Carcione III, Joe Carcione's Fresh Produce Co., Inc. (650)583-8989(650)583-5985 
Cecil, Don MC2 Bay Area Public Affairs LLC (415)999-3262 
Chamorro, Bayardo Pribuss Engineering, Inc. (650)588-0447(650)588-8592 
Chan, Brian Samaritan House (650)523-0824(650)294-4338 
Chan, Kin Yip San Mateo County Harbor District (650)583-4400(650)583-4611 
Chang, Emily Dimerco Express (U.S.A.) Corp. (650)310-6060(650)952-3527 
Chaudhary, Rajinder Curry Corner (650)273-1180(650)273-1188 
Chaudhary, Regina Residence Inn By Marriott (650)837-9000(650)837-9088 
Chavarria, Ruth Chavarria's Market (650)615-9246 
Chaw, Sheriann Gateway Child Development Center, SSF (650)873-8145 
Chen, Sophie Alfa International Logistics (650)872-8886(650)872-8885 
Cherbowsky Corkidi, Ariel San Bruno Mountain Watch (415)467-6631 
Cheung, Vic Apex Maritime Co., Inc. (650)589-2575(650)589-8861 
Chimenti, Julie Historical Society of South San Francisco (650)829-3825 
Choi, Hong Darby Dan's Sandwich Co. (650)876-0122(650)876-0416 
Chow, Gary South San Francisco Rotary Club (650)875-7444 
Chu, Sylvia Soroptimist Int'l. No. S.M. County  
Chua, Cherryl Hula Hoops (650)952-3255 
Chua, Sherry Hula Hoops (650)952-3255 
Cinco, Roland Best Western Plus Grosvenor Hotel (650)873-3200(650)829-2517 
Cinnis, Kenny Nick's On Grand (415)317-4429 
Claussen, Mark Carpenters Union Local 217 (650)377-0217(650)377-0474 
Clifford, Tony AAA Clifford  
Codiga, Gig Genentech, Inc. (650)225-7739(650)225-5795 
Collantes, Edward CRC Partners (415)602-0055(650)876-0880 
Combs, Kirby Oyster Point Yacht Club (650)873-5166 
Constankes, Danielle JAS Forwarding (USA), Inc. - San Francisco Office (650)581-7230(650)581-7240 
Cool, Ann Estes Forwarding Worldwide, LLC (804)495-4351(650)952-3479 
Cortes, Lito Kintetsu World Express (U.S.A.), Inc. (650)737-5703(650)827-9850 
Cotla, David Holiday Inn San Francisco Airport (650)873-3550(650)873-7101 
Crain, Georgia Crain Marketing, Inc. (530)527-1077(530)529-4143 
Cruz, Claire ALLSTORE CENTER (650)873-8020(650)873-9196 
Cui, Ken Hisense Real Estate USA, LLC (650)872-3862 
Custodio, JP Colliers International (650)486-2218(650)486-2201 

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