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Lagapa, Edylyn New York Life (650)822-2778 
Lagomarsino, Cathleen ASF Electric, Inc. (650)755-9032(650)755-2975 
Lal, Richard Mega Trans Corporation (650)589-0980(650)589-1956 
Lam, Kimberly Bachecki, Crom & Co., LLP (415)398-3534 
Lamothe, Allison Terra Nova Trading Inc. (510)547-6151(510)547-6155 
Lantz, Meredith Bitters & Bottles (918)232-1373 
Lappen, Mike City of South San Francisco (650)877-8500(650)829-6609 
Lau, Ronnie AC Hotel SFO/Oyster Point Waterfront (650)238-2955(510)325-6301 
Lau, Shirley Oyster Point Dragons (415)640-6310 
Lauricella, Robert Comerica Bank (650)650-8711 
LeClair, Anne San Mateo County/Silicon Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau (650)348-7600(650)348-7687 
Lee, Alex Alfa International Logistics (650)872-8886(650)872-8885 
Lee, Carrie Carrie Lee OD formerly Donald L. Robinson, OD (650)871-9200(650)871-6026 
Lee, Peter Cafe Bunn Mi (650)745-8883 
Lee, Suzanne Genentech, Inc. (650)225-7739(650)225-5795 
Lehr, Dean Hotel Focus SFO (650)877-0770(650)871-8377 
Lencioni, Sandra Simpson, Garrity, Innes & Jacuzzi, PC (650)615-4860(650)615-4861 
Leung, Kenneth Dimerco Express (U.S.A.) Corp. (650)873-4827(650)952-3527 
Leung, Wilson Wilson Leung Real Estate Associates (650)852-1400(650)852-1401 
Li, Fang Fang Dumpling Empire (650)742-0838 
Liao, Kimberly Kimberly A. Liao, DDS (650)822-8842(650)488-1822 
Libera, Stephen TIGERS (USA) Global Logistics, Inc. (510)784-8920 
Lim, Therese Apex Maritime Co., Inc. (650)589-2575(650)589-8861 
Lindsay, Arleen Flava Foods Inc, dba Flavas Jamaican Grill (650)244-9785 
Lo, Linda Liberty Gold Fruit Co., Inc. (650)583-4700(650)583-4770 
Lockwood, Carin Crimpers Bizarre (650)589-4299 
Locsin, Jerry Park 'N Fly (415)827-4656 
Lopez, Andy Decorative Plant Service, Inc. (415)725-0560(415)826-2157 
Lopez, Griselda Food Service Partners, Inc. (650)624-7820(650)624-7830 
Low, Dale HPL-Apollo Perishable Logistics, Inc. (650)246-2908 
Lu, Tony Cheung Hing BBQ Restaurant (415)318-6991(650)872-1681 
Lucas, Jeannie Zone 4 Construction, Inc. (650)873-0344(650)583-3756 
Lui, Mike U-Freight America, Inc. (650)583-6527(650)583-7325 
Ly, Ben Embassy Suites (650)246-3178(650)589-1183 

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