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Palos, Andrew K1 Speed (650)741-0215 
Panos, Billy Cafe 382 (650)302-2538 
Panos, Kosta Cafe 382 (650)763-1640 
Parenti, Linda Oyster Point Yacht Club (650)873-5166 
Parker, Fatima CellMark Inc. (415)927-1700(415)381-4358 
Parnell, Ashley Vital Restoration (650)873-7867(650)873-7837 
Paron, Dee Anne Soroptimists Int'l. No. S.M. County (650)588-0661(650)829-3866 
Pascua, Jaclyne Genesis - South San Francisco (650)600-3878(415)273-8631 
Patankar, Seana Evoco Architecture | Interiors (415)337-5485 
Patel, Kunal Ramada Limited (650)583-7300 
Patel, Kunal Days Inn (650)873-9300 
Patel, Manu All Seasons Lodge (650)589-6702(650)871-1250 
Patel, Yasir Dunkin' Donuts (650)742-9101 
Paul, Bil Kaiser Permanente SSF (650)742-2659(650)742-3062 
Payable, Accounts Apex Maritime Co., Inc. (650)589-2575(650)827-7386 
Payable, Accounts City of South San Francisco (650)877-8500(650)829-6609 
Payable, Accounts DSV Air & Sea Inc. (650)869-5880(650)869-5890 
Payable, Accounts Larkspur Landing Hotel (650)827-1515(650)827-1058 
Payable, Accounts PS Business Parks, L.P. (650)589-5911(650)589-6414 
Payable, Accounts Starbucks Coffee (650)589-1939 
Payable, Accounts Bay Logisitcs, Inc. (650)737-0177(650)737-0677 
Payable, Accounts Air & Ground World Transport (650)246-3737 
Payable, Accounts Genesis - South San Francisco (650)600-3878(415)273-8631 
Payable, Accts. Schenker - SFO (650)745-3000(650)745-2243 
Payne, Sylvia South San Francisco Women's Club (650)873-8030 
Perreras, Leila San Mateo Credit Union (650)363-1725(650)364-3740 
Peters, Jenay AC Hotel SFO/Oyster Point Waterfront (510)325-6301(510)325-6301 
Pettingill, Richard Kaiser Permanente SSF (650)742-2659(650)742-3062 
Pittman, Audra Soroptimists Int'l. No. S.M. County (650)588-0661(650)829-3866 
Poletti, Alicia Poletti Realty (650)589-7300(650)589-7327 
Poletti, John Poletti Realty (650)589-7300(650)589-7327 
Poletti, Natalie The Pawington (650)588-7788(650)588-7780 
Poullaides, David San Mateo Credit Union (650)363-1725(650)364-3740 
Presta, Nikki Ryan & Ryan Construction (650)588-0547(650)588-6367 
Proano, Patricia Genesis - South San Francisco (650)600-3878(415)273-8631 
Proehl, Chad DataSafe, Inc. (650)989-3380(650)873-3808 

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